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INESC TEC wins EDPartners Awards
INESC TEC was one of the great winners of the 3rd edition of the EDPartners awards, by taking first place in the categories of Innovation and Provider of the Year.
INESC TEC will develop industrial robot that works with humans in the automotive and aerospace industry
The kick-off meeting for project ColRobot project (Collaborative Robotics for Assembly and Kitting in Smart Manufacturing) took place on 18 and 19 February in Lille, France. INESC TEC’s Centre for Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems (CRIIS) was represented in this project meeting, which features partners from five European Union countries.
INESC TEC’s team semifinalist in global competition promoted by Shell
A group of INESC TEC researchers is the only Portuguese semifinalist team in the international competition Shell Ocean Discovery XPrize, which features 25 different countries. The purpose of this competition is to develop innovative technological projects, which will make it possible to explore and map the bottom of the ocean, providing solutions to current problems and even new resources to benefit all humanity.
INESC TEC participates in the Brazilian Congress of Agri-Informatics
INESC TEC and INESC P&D Brasil participated in the 11th edition of the Brazilian Congress of Agri-Informatics (SBIAgro 2017), which took place at the Convention Centre and Lake House of UNICAMP, in Brazil, between the 2nd and 6th of October.
Brazil purchases underwater Robot from INESC Porto to inspect dams
A consortium of Brazilian companies has signed a three-year contract with the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto (INESC Porto) to create an autonomous underwater robot. The robot will be capable of inspecting dam structures and silting in the basins in real time with high precision and to a degree of accuracy of centimetres. The underwater robot will automatically collect information, making it possible to detect abnormalities in advance and to analyse the level of risk in dams with more precision and lower costs when compared to traditional methods. The contract, worth 1.6 million Euros, is just one more example of INESC Porto’s capacity to take its technology developed in Portugal and export it abroad.
Portuguese underwater robot exported to Brazil
An underwater robot created by the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering of Porto (INESC Porto) to inspect dams will soon be put to use on the other side of the Atlantic. A consortium of Brazilian companies has signed a three-year contract, worth 1.6 million Euros, with INESC Porto for the production and supply of this robot.
INESC Porto strengthened by ISEP prepares to export robotic technology
INESC Port and ISEP (Higher Engineering Institute in Porto) formalised the merger of their robotics groups - The Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS) and the Autonomous Systems Laboratory (LSA) on 16th February 2011. Close to 50 collaborators will become part of the new Robotics Unit at INESC Porto which aims to take on a more international dimension and look to rapidly expanding markets. This is a strategic move from the group which is now the largest robotics unit in the north of Portugal. Highlights from the ceremony of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding include the exhibition of robotics equipment with TriMARES, the underwater surveillance robot that will be exported to Brazil, as the centre piece.
INESC Porto LA demonstrates science and technology for youths
INESC Porto participated in the 9th edition of the University of Porto’s Science, Teaching and Innovation Exhibition that took place between 17th and 20th March at the Rosa Mota Pavilion in Porto. The underwater robot MARES, developed by the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Units (ROBIS) and the humanoid NAO were on show to capture the attention of the young visitors. Another highlight was the new interactive concept involving QR-Codes developed in conjunction with the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit (UTM). Furthermore, the so called “lightening conferences” involving a new conference style, were certainly a novelty and included researchers João Claro and Abílio Pacheco from the Innovation and Technology Transfer Unit (UITT). It was “clearly a positive event” and of “great public interest due to the projects presented”.
Final tests for TriMARES before it heads to Brazil
The Douro river was the site chosen for the final tests for the underwater robot TriMARES, before it leaves for Brazil. These tests that took place on May 12th aimed to analyse the logistics of placing TriMARES in the water using a ramp. The experiments also involved testing the acoustic positioning system, testing the tracking system from the shore station and testing sending signals to abort missions. They also tested how the vehicle communicates when it is not connected to an operator and how it completes predefined routes autonomously.
INESC Porto And The Portuguese Navy Join Forces To Develop Maritime Robotics
In their first large scale partnership project, INESC Porto and the Portuguese Navy will develop autonomous marine systems to support search and rescue missions in the event of a disaster. These robotic systems will be partly autonomous, making them capable of finding human survivors in disasters and thus helping relieve rescue teams of the more difficult and dangerous tasks. This joint activity between INESC Porto and the Portuguese Navy is part of the maritime component of the European project ICARUS, and the first robotic maritime vehicles should be completed by 2013
INESC Porto and the Portuguese Navy sign partnership agreement at the Fair of the Sea
The Fair of the Sea that took place between 16th and 19th June at the Exponor (Matosinhos) was chosen for the signing of the partnership agreement between INESC Porto and the Naval Research Centre of the Portuguese Navy. This partnership between the two institutions will aim to join synergies to become leaders in the maritime economy.
INESC TEC researcher edits book on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles
Nuno Cruz, a researcher at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS) at INESC TEC, edited the book Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, published by InTechopen in October 2011.
TriMARES wins award in golden year for Robotics at INESC TEC
ROBIS is now the largest robotics unit in the North of the country
RTP Interview with Nuno Cruz and Alfredo Martins
The aquatic robots MARES and TriMARES in the limelight in the RTP Informação Programme dedicated to outstanding and innovative projects. Interviews with Nuno Cruz and Alfredo Martins from the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS).
INESC TEC Robotics discussed at Fantasporto
Eduardo Silva, the coordinator of the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS) at INESC TEC, the coordinating entity of INESC Porto, was one of the speakers at the conference “Likely reality” that took place on 23rd February in the Cinema Area at Fantasporto – the International Cinema Festival in Porto.
INESC TEC/FEUP robot wins in Robotics Festival
The Robotics Unit at INESC TEC attended the National Robotics Festival 2012 that took place between 11th and 15th April at the Pavilhão Multiusos in Guimarães. The Unit presented their robotics technology and the 5dpo – Factory team with researchers from INESC TEC/FEUP won the robot@factory competition.
INESC TEC and Portuguese Navy promote safety at sea
On 14 July, INESC TEC’s Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS), together with the Portuguese Navy, conducted tests with autonomous vehicles developed at the Unit to assist maritime operations.
FEUP/INESC TEC robotic sailboat wins international competition
The FAST sailboat, created by students and researchers from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) and INESC TEC’s Robotics ad Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS), has won the title of ‘Robotic Sailboats’ world champion. The sailboat won first place in the 5th World Robotic Sailing Championship, which took place between 17 and 21 September in Cardiff, Whales. The participation in this event was supported by FEUP, INESC TEC, the AFCEA Educational Foundation (as part of the "Science Teaching Tools" programme), the Clube Naval de Leça and the Escola Naval da Marinha.
INESC TEC creates painting robot that sees and learns
INESC TEC is part of a consortium which has developed a robotised painting system - the SMARTPAINT – that is able to "see" and imitate the movements of factory workers.
INESC TEC sells second robot to Brazil
INESC TEC has just sold another underwater robot to Brazil, following the partnership with the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) which in 2011 led to the sale of robot TriMARES to monitor the Lajeado dam and the respective reservoir in that South American country.


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