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INESC TEC researcher edits book on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Nuno Cruz, a researcher at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems Unit (ROBIS) at INESC TEC, edited the book Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, published by InTechopen in October 2011.

This book presents a series of chapters on the different aspects of AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles) technology and its applications in more detail that in specialist articles in journals. The book is divided into three sections that cover innovative vehicle design, navigation and control technology and preparation and mission analysis.

AUVs have revolutionised the data collection process in oceans. The perfection of complementary technology that could overcome the challenges associated with autonomous operations in hostile environments led to the development of these vehicles. The majority of this progress was aimed at creating new application scenarios and decreasing the costs involved in data collection in the ocean. The current technology has allowed for new paradigms of onboard intelligence using decisions based on interpreting data in real-time.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles looks to the future of the technology implemented in these vehicles and its possible applications.

The book is now available for consultation online at: InTechOpen.

Source: BIP November 2011



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