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Planning and Forecasting

Planning and Operation of Electrical Energy systems with sustainable solutions for energy generation and transport, wind power and solar energy forecasting, load forecasting; solutions based on prospective research in computational intelligence, evolutionary computation, distributed computing and multiagent systems.

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Electricity Markets and Regulation

Helping Market and System Operators and Regulating Authorities define tariffs according to network usage and incentive systems, guaranteeing a high quality service. Evaluating expansion plans and plans to strengthen transport and distribution systems and expansion plans for production systems in a market environment.

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Distribution Systems

Analysis, monitoring and optimising Energy Distribution Systems and meeting the new challenges presented by efficiency requirements, environmental worries and the growth of the electricity markets.

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Smart Grids

Identifying and developing models, methodologies and solutions to manage and operate electrical energy systems with high levels of renewable energy, microgeneration and electric vehicles within the smart grids paradigm. Consultancy services to support network operators, companies that manufacture system control solutions and producers.

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DMS/EMS Functions

Advanced functions for energy transport or energy distribution network management systems using optimisation techniques, computational intelligence and consultancy services, offering support to companies working in the energy sector in the definition of these systems.

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Advanced Training

Organising lectures and training activities on emerging issues as part of projects with international consortiums, European projects or on request from companies.

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