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DMS/EMS Functions

Advanced functions for energy transport or energy distribution network management systems using optimisation techniques, computational intelligence and consultancy services, offering support to companies working in the energy sector in the definition of these systems.

At the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) our expertise lies in the specification, development and integration of computational tools for electricity grid management systems. These are based on state-of-the-art scientific methodologies. Some of the tools developed include:

  • Topology processors
  • Load allocation
  • Fuzzy state estimator
  • Voltage control and reactive power control
  • Finding defects with fuzzy inference
  • Optimal network reconfiguration
  • Optimal power transmission
  • Contingency analysis
  • Neural network load forecasting
  • Training system for operators

We are recognised for our experience in this area and this experience has come from long-term projects with industry (EFACEC since 1997), our participation in various Research and Development (R&D) projects on network management systems funded by national and European programmes, and also our participation in R&D projects in Brazil.    

We at CPES also offer consultancy services for companies operating isolated systems with a large renewable energy component to help define the requirements needed for the network management system and offer support during the selection of proposals and final trials.



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