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Smart Grids

Identifying and developing models, methodologies and solutions to manage and operate electrical energy systems with high levels of renewable energy, microgeneration and electric vehicles within the smart grids paradigm. Consultancy services to support network operators, companies that manufacture system control solutions and producers.

At the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) we have more than a decade of experience working with Smart Grids and our expertise allows us to provide services in the following areas:

  • Network analysis in stationary and dynamic regimes;
  • Functional design of control centres for wind power;
  • Identifying operating procedures for networks with high levels of wind power;
  • Studies on the integration of new production plants using renewable energy;
  • Analysing the potential of integrating renewable energy into isolated or interconnected systems;
  • Technical and functional specifications for solutions for the active management of distribution networks based on smart metering solutions;
  • Developing functional and operational models for microgeneration and microgrids;
  • Sizing and sitting FACTS devices in transmission grids;
  • Control procedures for the operation and control of multi-terminal HVDC grids;
  • Identifying and developing advanced solutions for the integration of electric vehicles in electricity networks involving and developing smart charging strategies.


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