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Planning and Forecasting

Planning and Operation of Electrical Energy systems with sustainable solutions for energy generation and transport, wind power and solar energy forecasting, load forecasting; solutions based on prospective research in computational intelligence, evolutionary computation, distributed computing and multiagent systems.

At the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) we work in planning and forecasting, conducting studies and developing applications for electricity companies and forecasting systems manufacturers, incorporating the most recent analysis, optimisation and reliability techniques. The following areas can be highlighted:


  • Technological Services

Studies on Electrical Energy System Planning

Wind Power Forecasting

Energy Demand Forecasting and Management

Strategic Planning for Maintenance

Studies on Security of Supply

Analysis of the Long-term Impact of Electric Vehicles on the Electrical Energy System

Risk Analysis and Economic Viability

Fuzzy Approach to Power Flow

Multi-Objective Analysis

Support for Multi-criteria Decisions


  • Computational Solutions            

Decision Support Systems

Geographic Information Systems

Wind Power Forecasting Systems

Tools to Assess Security of Supply

Tools to Define the Operating Reserve



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