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User-centric mobility systems

INESC TEC invests in project on user-centric mobility

INESC TEC’s Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics (CSIG) was partner in the mobilising project TICE.Mobilidade Mobility in User Centered System”. The main objective of this partnership was to create an enabling digital platform for user-centric mobility services, combining mobility, energy optimisation and management of urban spaces.

Inserted in the TICE.PT cluster for Competitiveness and Technology, the TICE.Mobilidade promoted a platform to market mobility services called "One.Stop.Transport" (PPS # 1), as well as the semantic integration and selection of information (PPS # 2) and the development of mobility products and services in over seven Products, Processes and Systems (PPS), which will be marketed on the platform, with autonomous strategies.

The project, which lasted for three years, was led by the company Meticube and had an extended group of co-promoters and partners (15 companies, 10 R&D institutions and 10 user entities).

The work of the CSIG team was part of the PPS PPS 2STAX - Taxation Systems and Services”, where the goal was to develop a system for generating maps of urban activity in real time. These maps, which may relate to various themes, are expected to focus on road accidents, and the information can be of great interest to various entities, such as insurance companies. These companies can offer customers dynamic taxation models, creating insurance tariffs depending on the use of the car (mileage, routes and schedules used for traveling). The system also provides an aid tool in case an accident occurs.

Other possible applications for this system are: notifications in real time on dangerous zones (high risk sections), navigation systems that take into account the risk of certain routes, or planning the improvement of safety in public roads, depending on the risk map and the characteristics of accidents.

With I2S - Informática Sistemas e Serviços as the leading promoter, the PPS 2STAX included other partners besides INESC TEC: the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP), the Center for Computer Graphics and the Pedro Nunes Institute.

INESC TEC’s and FEUP’s participation in the TICE.Mobilidade involved a team of researchers from CSIG: José Correia (coordinator), João Correia Lopes, Gabriel David, Alexandre Carvalho, Rui Camacho and José Lino Oliveira.

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