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About the Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics (CSIG)

At the Centre for Information Systems and Computer Graphics  (CSIG) we conduct R&D in the three main areas of Computer Science: Information Management and Systems, Software Engineering, and Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments.

Research is closely matched with application areas in which we have large experience and established successful partnerships. These areas are: public administration (local, regional and central government), healthcare, telecommunications, transport and industry, commerce and services. In these research areas, we at CSIG are also strongly committed to provide advanced training to young researchers and professionals.

For the past 20 years, we have been contributing for the past to the e-government revolution and we have a strong tradition in technology transfer processes and projects. INESC TEC technology developed within our Centre is present in a large number of municipalities and public administration organisations in Portugal.

Our challenge is to connect emerging market needs with research objectives, creating innovative solutions based on excellent research results, with an impact on in society, and contributing to the modernisation of enterprises and institutions.

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop fundamental and applied research with international impact.
  • Train highly qualified young researchers.
  • Further develop scientific competencies in software engineering methodologies, information retrieval, digital preservation, and virtual environments and serious games, areas where industry demands are increasing.
  • Strengthen the Centre’s cohesion by promoting internal communication based on regular seminars.
  • Increase participation in international projects, particularly in European projects.
  • Increase the Centre’s scientific publication record in international journals.
  • Maintain strategic consultancy and technology transfer activities in our key areas.
  • Achieve a sustainable balanced economic performance.

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