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Multiplatform desktop environment for free software applications

The Desktop4IPBrick consists of a number of client applications that allow users to access a shared working environment, regardless of the operating system or computer used.

It is an application that is installed in work stations and makes the configuration of the most common work tools automatic, assuming that Open Source Software tools are used such as: Email Client, Web Browser, Professional Chat, Voice, or the application IPBrick Contacts.

User friendly and intuitive, the Desktop4IPBrick thus allows users to access client applications on any computer in the organisation because they all share the same desktop, both in terms of applications and respective versions, and in terms of preferences and user profile.

This application combines in a desktop the concept of Unified Communications over IP (UCoIP), taking advantage of the IPBrick server features. By integrating the different communication media used in an organisation (Voice, Mail, Web and Professional Chat) in a desktop, they can all be accessed through a quick access interface.

- Automatic configuration and centralised management and productivity tools based on the most commonly used open source software (Voice, Mail, Web, Professional Chat);

  - Applications are used based on free software, maintaining or obtaining functionalities that are usually only available in proprietary software solutions applications;

  - Consistent configuration across the organisation in different operating systems, using the same tools;

  - Ability to customise access to different applications depending on the desktop that the user has in the organisation;

  - Reduced costs and time spent on setting the work stations, which becomes completely automatic.

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