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Cross-border collaboration platform

The "Collaborative Platform GNP-EGTC" project responds to an invitation made to CSIG - INESC TEC by the European grouping of territorial cooperation Galicia - North of Portugal (GNP-EGTC) in order to implement a platform containing a repository of knowledge on the Galicia - North of Portugal Euroregion, with the following features:

a. Collaborative internal area (intranet) - Area for employees of GNP-EGTC and privileged entities with which the GNP-EGTC needs to exchange confidential information.

b. Public information area (website) - Institutional information potentially useful for most territories or sectors and public or private players involved in the development of the Galicia - North of Portugal Euroregion; the website will allow these users to contribute actively with information, such as news, events and publications (the information proposed will be reviewed by an authorised user who will then decide if it should be published). The information provided here is managed and maintained by authenticated users who may have different profiles, and can authorise people to insert content or approve the information, making it visible to the public.

c. Information Office of the Galicia - North Portugal Euroregion (GIE-GNP - This area will provide a centralised repository of knowledge on projects, theses, publications and services. The objective of this area is to collect and reference information on the Euroregion, allowing people to conduct research in the repository. The Information Office will also publish a set of indicators produced by the GNP-EGTC.

The Information Office of the Galicia - North Portugal Euroregion (GIE-GNP) will be an instrument to promote the resources, skills and knowledge of this Euroregion. Its goal is to improve the marketing of this area in order to attract investment and new businesses. The office will also encourage tourism and new developments and innovations made ​​by the institutions of science, art and culture in the Euroregion.

Even though the primary goal of the GIE-GNP is to promote the Euroregion abroad, its goal is also to explore internal synergies, informing people on existing and potential capacities in industry, commerce and services. The GIE-GNP wants to provide relevant information to companies so that they become aware of research conducted, and of R&D and teaching institutions that take into consideration the needs of businesses and their respective innovative capacity. Moreover, the information available will enhance collaborations between organisations and companies in Galicia and northern Portugal.

This project began in 2012 and will be concluded by the end of 2014 with the presentation of the prototype GIE-GNP to the public.

Team involved in this project:

CSIG (Marta Pinto, Paulo Melo and Rui Barros)

SIG - Business Informatics Service (José Carlos Sousa and Rúben Moreira)



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