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Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology commercialisation, academic entrepreneurship, high-growth ventures and new venture creation in Creative Industries.

At the  Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) we invest in high quality research in entrepreneurship, for technology based companies, with the aim of improving our knowledge of how new technological enterprises form, grow and survive.

We specialise in entrepreneurship and study the difficulties in securing capital to commercialise technology in the early stages of entrepreneurial ventures, looking at how different organisational solutions (pre-incubation and proof-of-concept centres) can help resolve this issue.

By studying factors that support, delay or block entrepreneurial intentions and university researchers’ activities in the earliest stages of entrepreneurial ventures, at CITE we can offer support in various aspects of the entrepreneurial process and in particular through the development of applied tools.

At CITE we also conduct research on how management capabilities develop in new high-tech high-growth technological ventures as their internal and external challenges change with the evolution of the company from its formation and as the company grows.

At our Centre, our objective is to promote entrepreneurship and the valorisation and transfer of knowledge in Creative Industries by studying the character and impact of collaboration with universities, industries and the public sector and researching business models for digital media.



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