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Technology Policy

Developing human capital, innovation capabilities and advanced training in entrepreneurship and technology commercialisation.

At the Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) we conduct research to promote policy formation  in important technological dimensions of society, focusing on improving knowledge of how economies develop, identify, value, assimilate and explore scientific and technological knowledge.

Within the framework of developing human capital and innovation capacities, at CITE our researchers study the relationship between foreign trade, the development of human capital, individual Research and Development (R&D) efforts and economic growth. Using Portugal as a case study, at CITE we have looked at the relative impact that trade, human capital and R&D can have on growth, as well as at how the dynamics of technology adoption characterise this interaction.

By studying the role of networks and the role of education in these networks in particular, as important elements for collaborative technology commercialisation and development, we aim to study successful initiatives and formulate proposals for technology and educational policies.



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