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Engineering Systems Design

Flexible design of engineering systems in networks, integrated design of technology, operational and political systems.

At the  Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) we specialise in the development of methods to design flexible products and complex systems in a proactive approach that results in the best performance in uncertain future operational conditions. Through the exploration of how uncertainties and flexibility interact in networks, at CITE we hope to address the inherent complexities in the creation and operation of networks in uncertain conditions. An example of a case study is the work that is being developed for the energy network in the Azores islands.

At  CITE we also aim to improve engineering systems design methods to guarantee a higher integration of aspects related to engineering, management and social sciences that are traditionally seen separately. By exploring innovative combinations of system dynamics with optimisation and flexible design, we aim to give rise to new analysis possibilities such as policy optimisation, evaluating flexibility and system dynamics in uncertain contexts. Managing forest fires is a practical application of this type of work and CITE  is currently involved in Project FIRE-ENGINE in this area.



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