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Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Valorisation

Providing personalised business and technological consultancy services and business incubator services that support the development of technology based entrepreneurial projects.

At the  Centre for Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CITE) our LET-In service offers personalised accompaniment, technology and business consultancy and incubator services to develop technology based entrepreneurial projects that are associated with INESC TEC’s areas of scientific and technological expertise.

At CITE we are involved in the early stages, the creative stages and the proof of concept stages, offering personalised accompaniment services to support the development of new business ideas, to develop studies on technical and commercial viability, to develop business plans and pre-industrial prototypes, for technology transfer, to secure strategic partners and investment and for specialist mentoring.

At CITE we are recognised for the advanced training activities that we organise and participate in entrepreneurship and knowledge valorisation. Examples of these activities include the FormInov Project (January 2007 – March 2008) and the workshop on “IP IN THE AREA OF COMPUTER IMPLEMENTED INVENTIONS” in partnership with EPO and Ydreams (12th June 2007).

Furthermore, at CITE we focus on the development of tools to support the creation, specification and development of concepts, the evaluation and development of the seed phase in valorisation opportunities as well as the creation, specification, organisation and the provision of information on markets that are relevant to the knowledge valorisation generated at INESC TEC.

At CITE we strongly believe in Physical and Virtual Business Incubation and we have a list of successful companies in diverse areas that range from health, energy efficiency, the development of electronic audio systems, network solutions and information systems.

Companies incubated at our Centre include:

• Tomorrow Options - Microelectronics, S.A. (with a branch in the UK)
• Xarevision
• SmartWatt - Eficiência Energética e Microgeração, S.A.
• AUDOLICI - Sistemas Eletrónicos de Áudio, Lda.
• NextToYou - Network Solutions, Lda.
• - Sistemas de Informação, Lda.





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