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CORENET (news article)

Customer-oriented and eco-friendly networks for healthy fashionable goods

INESC TEC works on European project CORENET

INESC TEC’s Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) participated in a European project called Customer-oriented and eco-friendly networks for healthy fashionable goods (CORENET).

The aim with this project was to provide functional, high quality, affordable and ecologically compatible pieces of clothing and footwear. The project did so by contemplating the needs of a large number of European citizens, as well as specific groups, such as senior citizens and people suffering from obesity or diabetes.

CORENET made it possible to strengthen the market share of companies in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors near socially relevant niches, offering them “healthy” and custom-made items. In order to design, develop, produce and distribute small orders, a new framework and components for a new collaborative network was developed, taking into consideration ecological aspects and cost efficiency. Thus, it will be possible to produce the items according to the levels of demand. Afterwards, tests and demonstrations were carried out in pilots, developed in industrial environments, thus confirming the potential of the new collaborative and sustainable approach in the different sectors.

Américo Azevedo, researcher at INESC TEC, was responsible for the project. João Bastos and António Almeida (CESE) also worked on this project. Tomorrow Options (now Kinematix), an INESC Porto/FEUP spin-off company, is the other Portuguese partner involved in the project.

Official Website: CORENET



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