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Operations Planning Systems

Design and development of optimisation solutions for operation planning and scheduling.

At the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) we have vast experience in the creation and development of innovative solutions to address operation planning and scheduling problems. Our projects developed in these areas have been successful both for individual companies and for collaboration networks or supply chains. 

Recent development in highly efficient modular scheduling and optimisation mechanisms to manage specific problems, such as those found in Employment Fairs, have mobilised the team to resolve many industrial problems, such as different types of resources, graph operating sequences, parallel processing machines, arbitrary workloads, incompatible families and multiple restrictions and deadlines and restrictions due to resources.

By using a strategy to separate the selection phases and scheduling and using innovative heuristics and pragmatics as well as following a multi-criteria approach to the optimisation phase, industry can benefit from this modularity and become more flexible and more capable of managing different scheduling problems.



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