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Member of the SAB confirms the scientific quality at CEGI

James Spohrer, a member of the Scientific Advisory Board (the entity that evaluates INESC TEC’s activity) visited INESC TEC’s Centre for Industrial Engineering and Management (CEGI), where he evaluated, quite satisfactorily, the performance and evolution of the Centre.

According to the researcher, CEGI not only combines various disciplinary perspectives in different industrial sectors, but is also growing and opening up to new scientific areas. “I believe that what makes CEGI unique is the fact that its members conduct scientific research and indeed apply it, which doesn’t happen in most institutions”. James Spohrer was impressed with the Unit’s scientific quality, as well as with the amount of publications and practical applications of the work developed.

The researcher also gave some suggestions for improvement: the interaction between all Unit members, bureaucracy and funding difficulties are some of the aspects that need to be improved. “CEGI also has some challenges ahead, but the Unit is doing good progress and I am flattered to be part of the SAB”.

James Spohrer is invited by INESC TEC to periodically supervise the activity at CEGI. He has already integrated several evaluation and supervising committees in universities and Governments. He is an acclaimed researcher in the areas of Computing and Science and Service Engineering and is currently the director of the IBM Global University Programs.

INESC TEC, february 2013



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