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The Centre for Industrial Engineering and Management (CEGI) is an organisation devoted to science, technology, innovation, advanced training and knowledge valorisation.

CEGI aims to produce internationally recognised problem-driven research and development focusing on 3 main knowledge fields: Service Engineering and Design, Decision Support and Intelligent Systems and Performance Management and Business Intelligence, as well as exporting the knowledge created to companies to improve their performance. CEGI focuses on the areas where engineering, management and social sciences meet, in the intersection of theory and practice.

CEGI members are encouraged to carry out research projects based upon real-life problems. This application/problem solving attitude is especially valued by the Centre, leading to multidisciplinary projects mainly in four application areas: Manufacturing, Mobility, Health and Retail.

Its matrix structure is therefore organised around two dimensions: the three knowledge fields and the four application areas.


Operation Management constitutes the background of all CEGI activity.



Consolidate its position as an international reference, exploring further the strong and diversified research links of CEGI members.

Engage more ambitious multidisciplinary projects that cross-fertilise the 3 areas of knowledge. It is foreseen that in the period 2015-2020 significant breakthroughs will be obtained at the interconnections between the research areas:

  • Enhancing the focus of intelligent systems to also include a strategic level, taking into account performance measurement information.  The optimisation of systems involving massive data will integrate performance assessment information in the decision support system.
  • Optimum extent of Servitisation of manufacturing, which poses significant research challenges at the borders of service innovation and intelligent systems to support the reshaping of service support supply chains (SCs), optimising Service Networks and Value Chain.
  • Development of innovative services and exploration of the emergence of smart services enabled by Big data and data analytics.


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