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Spatio-temporal components of the processing of sensorial and motor information.

This project addresses the study and parametrization of the visual sensorial information conveyed by biological motion. Firstly, the team aims to develop algorithms, methods and tools for the classification, recognition and analysis of human movements. Furthermore, this proposal focuses on how this information is combined with other sensorial modalities and motor and proprioceptive information during interaction with other moving agents. Gathered data will be used as an input for the validation of the resulting tools and algorithms, structuring the tasks as a feedback-based system. The scientific facilities and methodology developed in INESC Porto and the Laboratory of Visualization and Perception (LVP) – Centro Algoritmi, Universidade do Minho render the success of this project feasible. The combination of these tools, along with the cooperation between the institutions will not only allow for the increase of basic knowledge but might also benefit other projects in applied fields and the development of explicative models and analysis tools. The project is conceived with an open and multidisciplinary vocation, since one of its major anchor points emphasizes the mutual influence between perception, multisensory integration, and the executive control of action. The two approaches (computational and psychophysical) will be integrated by the cooperation of both institutions, in order to achieve (1st) a systematic procedure for classification, analysis and parametrization of human motion, (2nd) a human motion/interaction database and processing tools and, finally, (3rd) an integrated set of exploratory scientific outcomes that will establish goals, priorities and targets for this recent and innovative research line.

Duration:  12 months (started 01/04/2014)                                         

People / Institutions

Sandra Mouta, Miguel Velhote Correia, Jorge Santos, Hugo Gonçalves, Daniel Monteiro Basso, Carlos Loureiro Silva, João Pedro Lamas, Dominic Noy

Participating Institutions: INESC Porto; Universidade do Minho


Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT) – EXPL/MHC-PCN/0162/2013 (FCOMP-01-0124-FEDER-041412)



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