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Modular Multi-ring System for Flexible Supply of Workstations

Modular Multi-ring System for Flexible Supply of Workstations
Patent Number PT104.103
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Inventors José Carlos Caldeira Pinto de Sousa
Rui Diogo da Costa Gama Lima Rebelo
Pedro Miguel da Cruz Gandra Ribeiro
Fernando Augusto Guedes
Luís Miguel Moreira Guardão
Paulo Jorge da Rocha e Silva Sá Marques
Manuel de Sousa Resende e Pinho

Abstract / Description The present invention refers to an automated system that manoeuvres and distributes products during the manufacturing process . The systems consists of a modular multi-ring system with a system for overtaking. This  means that workstations can be supplied in a flexible and automated manner making it possible to manufacture products withe several operational ranges simultaneously without causing blockages or loss of productivity.
The system is based on a modular structure including curve modules, workstation modules, straight modules, transfer modules, association station modules, pallets, modules to connect sections and a set of complementary components, each connected and integrated. The whole system is controlled and managed by computer software and a programmable automated robot that controls the automated movement and distribution of the products heading to the various workstations.
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