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INESC TEC researcher concludes habilitation exams

Rui Oliveira, member of the board of INESC TEC, researcher at the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (HASLab), professor at the School of Engineering of the University of Minho and member of the Board of Directors of INESC TEC, concluded on the 7th and 8th of September his habilitation exams at the University of Minho, which were unanimously approved by the members of the jury.

INESC TEC researcher concludes habilitation exams

Rui Oliveira

The first part of the habilitation exams in the field of Informatics and, more specifically, in the area of High-Assurance Distributed Systems, consisted of an appreciation of the curriculum and of a report regarding the "Fault Tolerance in Distributed Systems" cycle of studies. The programme, the teaching methods and the experience of teaching this curricular unit were described. In the second part of the exams, the candidate presented a “lição de síntese” (summary lesson) titled "Fault Tolerant and Scalable Databases".

The members of the jury were Henrique Santos Carmo Madeira (University of Coimbra), Luís Eduardo Teixeira Rodrigues (University of Lisbon), Mário Marques Freire (University of Beira Interior), José Manuel Esgalhado Valença (EEUM), Alberto José Gonçalves Carvalho Proença (EEUM), José Nuno Fonseca de Oliveira (EEUM) and José António Baptista Fortes (University of Florida, USA).



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