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Cooperation and Services

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Communication Network Solutions and Consulting Services

Architectures, management models and services for access networks (wireless networks, security, mobility management, planning and management of network resources).

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Multimedia Systems and Services / Digital Media

Multimedia applications in heterogeneous environments, metadata, content adaptation and recommendation and access to context-based multimedia content.

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Intelligent Recognition Products and Systems based on Sound and Vision

Solutions to automatically process manuscript documents, medical decision support systems, automatic surveillance systems, systems to analyse the performance of athletes and sports teams using video, solutions for audio signal processing and sound and music computing.

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Optical and Microwave Communication Systems and Networks

Telecommunication solutions based on wireless technology with optical fibre supports, research and development in compact multi-band antennas for mobile networks, developing, testing and characterising RF/microwave devices, antennas and waveguides.

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Designing and Consulting in (Micro)electronic Systems for Communications

Semi/full-custom designing and testing of analogical, digital and combined (A/D) circuits and digital systems based on microprocessors and reconfigurable logic.

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