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Paper on dynamically reconfigurable digital systems wins Best Paper Award

The paper titled “Dynamically Reconfigurable LTE-compliant OFDM Modulator for Downlink Transmission”, written as part of project CReATION, received a Best Paper Award at the XXXI Design of Circuits and Integrated Systems Conference (DCIS 2016).

Mário Lopes Ferreira and João Canas Ferreira, researchers at INESC TE’s Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM) co-wrote the paper with Amin Barahimi. The paper proposes a dynamically reconfigurable OFDM modulator for downlink transmission in LTE systems. The system was implemented in an FPGA and its flexibility and adaptability allow it to internally modify its run-time operation mode, responding to the immediate needs imposed by the communication environment. The implementation supports the modes of operation, modulation schemes and data rates defined in the LTE protocol.

This work was conducted as part of project CREaTION, which proposes to develop energy-efficient radio transceivers for future wireless communications. Partners include the IT - Telecommunications Institute, University of Aveiro and INESC TEC.

One of INESC TEC's tasks in this project is the development of flexible and adaptable components for baseband processing. In this context, OFDM is a widely used waveform in today's wireless communications, as well as a strong candidate to being used as a waveform in 5G systems.

Organised by the University of Granada, the DCIS 2016 was held in Granada, Spain, between 23 and 25 November. This conference brings together researchers to discuss emerging challenges in the modelling, design, implementation and testing of devices, circuits and integrated systems. The event hosted multiple scientific collaborations in the fields of micro- and nano-electronics, embedded systems, emerging technologies and tools.

The INESC TEC researchers mentioned in this news piece are associated with INESC TEC and UP-FEUP.

INESC TEC, November 2016

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