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Centre for Research in Advanced Computing Systems (CRACS)

CRACS aims to be actively involved in fundamental and applied research in scalable computing both at national and international level; to foster training of young researchers both at post-graduate and post-doctoral level; and to actively establish partnerships with companies to promote and disseminate research results. The research team is composed of around 45 researchers, of which 10 hold a PhD degree.

CRACS focuses on two main areas of research that include a broad number of issues related to scalable computing as listed next:

1. Computational Models and Languages for Scalable Computing    

  • Implementation of Logic Programming Systems
  • Parallel Logic Programming and Inductive Logic Programming systems
  • Programming Languages for Mobile Computing and Sensor Networks
  • Parallel and Distributed Computing, Grid Computing
  • Middleware Infrastructures
  • Performance Evaluation

2. Information Mining and Web-based Systems  

  • Machine Learning and Discovery  and  Inductive Logic Programming
    Statistical Relational Learning
    Ubiquitous Data Streams
    Biologically Inspired Computing
  • Applications
    Pattern Discovery in Genomics and Proteomics
    Analysis of Gene Expression Data
    Understanding Cellular Pathways
    Clinical Analysis
    Intrusion Detection Systems
    SPAM Classification
  • Semantic Digital Libraries
  • e-Learning Environments and Tools
  • Service Oriented Architectures and Open Data





CRACS +351 22 209 400