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Intelligent electric networks with plug-in electric vehicles

INESC TEC protects the environment by integrating electric vehicles in the electric grid

INESC TEC is heavily involved in a project that can make Portugal a global technological leader in electric mobility and smart grids. REIVE (Smart Grids with Electric Vehicles) is the project name that wants to change the current paradigm of mobility and help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (C02) in the atmosphere to create conditions for the mass use of electric vehicles and microgeneration.

Led by INESC TEC, this project budgeted at 2.6 million Euros proposes a progressive and technically supported integration of microgeneration systems and electric vehicles in the electric grid, thereby ensuring that its operation is efficient.

By studying the use of sustainable and technically progressive electric vehicle in conjunction with the integrated exploitation of renewable energy, including solar, photovoltaic and wind power, REIVE will also contribute to achieving the goals of national energy policy as it is aligned with the its strategic objectives.

The REIVE goes far beyond the scientific realm, as confirmed by the direct involvement of industrial partners: REN, EDP Distribuição, EFACEC, CONTAR, Logica and Galp Energia. The fundamental objective is to create conditions for effective mass use of electric vehicles. This is a project that can make Portugal a global technology leader in electric mobility and smart grids.

The project led to the development of a laboratory of electric mobility, one of the first of its kind in the world.

More information: REIVE website

Project Leader: INESC TEC


  •     REN
  •     EDP ​​Distribution
  •     EFACEC
  •     COUNT
  •     Logica
  •     Galp Energia

Contacts: Luís Seca

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