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Valorisation of Technology for the Sea

The Stamar is an Interreg project whose goal is to improve the competitiveness and the ability of innovate of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the maritime sector (Atlantic Area).  The project will promote technology transfer projects, creating a cross-nation centre that demonstrates the capacities and technology that can be applied in the sector, with a particular emphasis on technological solutions that promote a sustainable development for the environment.

The European consortium gathers organisations from Portugal, Spain, France, Scotland and Ireland. The project is divided into six main activities, besides management, coordination, evaluation and communication:

  • Technological surveillance in sectors
  • Creating a portfolio of technologies for the sea
  • Creating a cross-national centre to demonstrate technologies
  • Designing a joint transfer strategy based on technology push
  • Organising events to co-create companies and research/technology centres
  • Driving previously selected technology transfer processes  

Contact: Alexandra Xavier



CITE +351 22 209 4398/9

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