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SIBAP (news article)

Automated Balancing System for Production Lines

INESC Porto develops automated system for the footwear industry

The Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) participated in Project SIBAP, an Automated Balancing System for Production Lines. The system was geared towards the footwear industry and aimed to design and develop an automated balancing system for Production Lines. The system included graph operating sequences. It is suitable for labour-intensive production and it is linked to the concept and development of automated logistics systems capable of putting into practice the advanced balancing results.

The system aimed to balance the operations performed on the production line and be more efficient by eliminating production losses that are found in current systems. These losses are caused by the growing variety of models being produced by factories which has led to the exponential growth of information needed to be processed, such as operational sequences that are different for each model, small production lots and the limits in place, pair by pair production, short operational times, order priorities, colours, individual shops and deadlines. Furthermore, the versatility of the operators, availability of equipments and materials were also be considered. 

INESC TEC was involved in the development and implementation of the balancing algorithms, production lines and also participated in the development of automated systems to support the graph operating sequences.

The project was the result of a partnership between Flowmat, as the promoter, and entities from the Scientific and Technological System (SCT), The Portuguese Shoe Technological Center (CTCP) and INESC TEC. Rui Rebelo was in charge of the INESC TEC team, which included José Soeiro Ferreira as the scientific advisor, as well as Paulo Sá Marques, Marta Fonseca and Nicolau Santos.



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