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Management System for structures in motorways using remote monitoring based on electronic sensing and optical fibre

INESC TEC develops intelligent system that makes it possible to monitor dynamic structures from their construction to the operational phase.

Using its experience in optical fibre sensors, INESC TEC has developed an intelligent system that makes it possible to dynamically monitor structures throughout their life cycle, from construction through to the operational phase. Project SMARTE, funded by Brisa SA and Agência de Inovação (Innovation Agency), consisted of installing sensors on structures, in this case the overpasses and bridge over the River Sorraia on the A10 motorway near Salvaterra de Magos, Portugal.

The project uses a remote monitoring system to support  prevention and maintenance and to manage structures, such as bridges or overpasses. Once installed, this system provides information in real time, with observation charts and diagrams, where establishing threshold values ​​for various security measure magnitudes generates alerts when certain levels are reached.

This system also contributes to the timely detection of any anomalies or critical situations, reducing the costs associated with visits/inspections, and simultaneously improving the security of structures and users.

The SMARTE project was led by Brisa SA and the consortium included INESC TEC, responsible for developing the optical fibre sensors, and the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (FEUP), which was responsible for the electrical instrumentation and for modelling the structure and interpreting data.

Project Leader: Brisa SA


  • FEUP

Contact: Ireneu Dias



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