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Protecting and Monitoring the Environment

New concepts of optical sensors to monitor the environment and biochemical parameters.

At the Centre for Applied Photonics (CAP) we are recognised for our expertise in optical sensors. At the Centre, we develop new concepts of sensors which can be used to detect several physical, chemical and biological parameters with practical application in environmental monitoring and industrial process optimisation.

For that, we have been promoting an important and strategic set of partnerships with key groups specialised in preparing new materials and surface functionalisation. The aim is to develop transducer elements capable of turning chemical and biological phenomena into signals that can be measured by the implemented optical platforms.

At CAP, we have been working in several projects in this area, mainly developing technology to measure, for instance, water temperature in estuarine environments, to monitor the quality of water in aquaculture facilities and to control and optimise bioreactors.


University of Pécs (Hungary)
Institut de Sciences des Materiaux de Mulhouse - IS2M (France)



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