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Secure memories and applications related technologies

The SMART project aimed at developing new HW and firmware technologies for the secure storage of high volumes of multi-form data. The goal was to make it possible to scale and optimise various applications in new generation Smart Secure Devices.

As such, SMART addresses the Sub Program 3 of the ENIAC Annual Work Programme, which covers Nanoelectronics for Security & Safety, and especially the first topic “Trusted devices and smart secure portable objects”.

The SMART project is in line with ENIAC SP3 market relevance and societal needs:

  • Ubiquitous security is a major challenge for the information society, as tremendous amount of data circulate and are stored all over the world, available from anywhere at any time.
  • The integration of secure solutions in SoC and memories will make the Smart Secure Devices available at low cost.
  • Security and safety (i.e. fault tolerance) becomes a basic requirement for embedded devices, especially in view of deployment in life sensitive environments such as transportation, health devices, etc.

Starting Date: January 1, 2010

Project team: Manuel Bernardo Barbosa

Project Website: SMART



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