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PhD Theses in progress

PhD Theses in progress in the Telecommunications and Multimedia Unit.

See also a summary of these theses (pdf).

Author Title Supervisor
Ana Filipa Sequeira Adversarial Pattern Recognition Jaime Cardoso
Anisa Allahdadi 3D HMM for Change Detection in Wireless Networks Ricardo Morla, Jaime Cardoso
António Pedro Fortuna Scalable Mobile Networks Manuel Ricardo
Bilal Hussain RFID Based UWB Receiver for WSN Applications Vitor Grade Tavares
Bruno Marques Application-Driven Wireless Sensor Networks (ADWSN) Manuel Ricardo
Chen Wang Anomaly detection and diagnosis in entreprise networks Ricardo Morla
Chetak Kandaswamy Representation Learning and Reusability of Extracted Features for Deep Neural Networks Jaime Cardoso
Christophe Soares Graph Based Approach for Interference Free Integration of Pervasive Applications Rui Moreira, Ricardo Morla
Cristina da Cunha Oliveira Exploring Sensors’ Fusion on the Design of Dependable Medical Electronic Systems José Machado da Silva
Eduardo Marques Human Activity Perception with Context Modeling in a Data-Driven Approach Ricardo Morla, Jaime Cardoso
Fernando Pereira Positioning Systems for Underground Tunnel Environment Manuel Ricardo
Filipe B. Teixeira Redesigning Mac and Transport Layers for Optimal Underwater Radio Communications Rui Campos, Manuel Ricardo
Filipe Lopes Space and Music Composition. Manifestations of time for music generation Carlos Guedes
Georgios Sioros Generation and Control of Automatic Rhythmic Performances Carlos Guedes
Hélder Fontes Vehicular Networks: WMRP routing Optimization based on Cognitive Network and Swarm Intelligent Concepts Manuel Ricardo
Hooshiar Zolfagharnasab 3D Computational Methods for Breast Aesthetic Evaluation after Surgery Hélder Oliveira
Ihsan Ul Haq Resource Contention Avoidance Strategy for OBS Networks Henrique Salgado
Iman Kianpour Design of a Low-Power Transmitter for UWB Applications Vitor Grade Tavares
Jaime Dias ScalSec: a fully authoritative identify PKI for the Internet Manuel Ricardo
João C. Monteiro Multimodal Biometrics under Unconstrained Settings Jaime Cardoso
José Carlos Oliveira Novel Ad-hoc Networking Approach for Efficient and Reliable inter-UAV
Manuel Ricardo
Kelwin Correia Cervical cancer detection using colposcopic images Jaime Cardoso
Mohammad Abdellatif A Scalable, Self-organizing Communications System for very large Wireless Sensor Networks José Oliveira, Manuel ricardo
Muhammad Ajmal Azad Detecting VoIP Spams with Social Trust and Reputation Ricardo Morla
Nuno Miguel Paulino Transparent hardware generation from assembly at program execution time João Canas Ferreira
Pedro Miguel Silva Privacy-Preserving P2P Public File Sharing over EWNs Manuel Ricardo
Pedro Pinto Data and Path Aggregation in large scale and cluster-based WSN Manuel Ricardo
Pedro Silva Inference in complex networks Fabien Gouyon
Samaneh Khoshrou Learning in Evolving Video Streams Jaime Cardoso
Saravanan Kandasamy Utilizing Beamforming Antennas for Improving thye Performance of Mobile Wireless Mesh Networks Manuel Ricardo
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