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Optical and Microwave Communication Systems and Networks

Telecommunication solutions based on wireless technology with optical fibre supports, research and development in compact multi-band antennas for mobile networks, developing, testing and characterising RF/microwave devices, antennas and waveguides.

At CTM we have an advanced laboratory for optical and microwave communications where researchers can test and characterise optoelectronic devices, RF/microwave circuits and waveguides. This laboratory makes it possible to develop and test optical and wireless communication systems and develop optical fibre based solutions for broadband wireless applications (Wi-Fi, UWB ECMA-368 and 60 GHZ ECMA-387). Furthermore, these facilities are used for research on nonlinear electrical dispersion compensation and equalisation using signal processing techniques in coherent optical systems. 

We also specialise in the use of fractal techniques and band gap electromagnetic structures to develop compact multi-band antennas for the future generation of mobile networks.

More recently, at CTM we have started developing skills in monitoring failures in optical networks, particularly in passive networks, using Optical Time Domain Reflectometer based on digital photon counting techniques.


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