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Robotic equipment

Mobile and advanced robotic platforms, autonomous underwater vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, indoor and outdoor robots, embedded intelligent sensors.

At the Centre for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CROB) we specialise in designing mobile and advanced robotic platforms, and also provide consultancy services in this area.

One of our great areas of expertise is designing autonomous underwater vehicles used in environmental and structure monitoring, with MARES and TriMARES being two examples of projects of excellence both nationally and internationally.

However, the Centre’s skills are not confined to sea or land environments. At CROB we invest in the development of aerial vehicles controlled remotely by electronic and computational means.

Designed, projected and built to be used in missions that are hazardous for human beings, these devices can not only perform patrolling activities which include military, urban, coastal and border patrols, but also environmental monitoring and search and rescue operations.

At CROB we also develop land robotics devices for indoor and outdoor environments which can be used for surveillance, advertising, and other applications.

The robotics devices are equipped with intelligent sensors, also developed by CROB.



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