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Static and Dynamic analysis of Energy Grids

Classic and fuzzy models for electricity grid in steady load analysis, analysis of dynamic behaviour in isolated and interconnected networks, dynamic models for energy conversion systems, dynamic simulation models for microgeneration systems and microgrids and the design of models for the integration of electric vehicles into the electricity grid.

Based on the development of simulation platforms for computational applications (PSS/E, EUROSTAG, EMTP-RV, MATLAB) and specific applications, we at the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) have scientific expertise in static and dynamic analysis of energy networks:

  • Developing classic and fuzzy models for steady state analysis of electric grids;
  • Models for the dynamic analysis of isolated and interconnected networks;
  • Design and robust parametrisation of Power System Stabilizers;
  • Dynamic security evaluation tools and the definition of preventative control measures;
  • Scheduling and economic dispatch in isolated systems with security constraints;
  • Models for energy conversion systems, in particular for wind turbines and their control systems;
  • Dynamic models for microgeneration units and their control systems;
  • Evaluation of the dynamic behaviour of microgrids, including modelling three-phase systems with neutral; 
  • Dynamic equivalents of microgrids and distribution networks with high levels of scattered production;
  • Control models for systems that connect electric vehicle batteries to the network.
  • Modelling and control of off-shore wind power and multi-terminal HVDC grids.
  • Modelling and control of FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems).



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