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Using models to analyse reliability in energy systems, reliability in static, spinning and operational capacity power systems looking at renewable and variable energy production, reliability of composite distribution systems (Generation + Transmission), microgeneration and microgrids, models to represent maintenance and the transport network.

At the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) we have experience in developing methods based on Monte Carlo simulation methods associated with Markov models to evaluate the reliability of power systems for static, spinning and operational capacities and including the integration of renewable energy, focusing on securing energy supply. 

At CPES we invest in designing models to analyse the reliability of composite systems, which makes it possible to evaluate the flexibility of the transport system with wind power components, as well as models that make it possible to optimise the use of renewable energy through a combination of water pumping cycles and maximum integration of wind power. 

At CPES we have developed models to represent electric vehicles in distribution and transport systems, as well as reliability models to assess the adequacy of the distribution systems, taking into account the transition of passive electric networks to smart electrical networks (active) with microgeneration.



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