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SuSTAINABLE (News article)

Smart Distribution System Operation for MAximizing the INtegration of RenewABLE Generation

The SuSTAINABLE presents an innovative approach in order to provide advanced tools to operate and plan the distribution grid. The new laboratory of the Centre for Power and Energy Systems will provide the conditions to validate the concepts to be developed as part of the project. Afterwards, these concepts will be tested at InovCity in Évora, Portugal.

Led by EDP Distribuição, project SuSTAINABLE - Smart distribution System operaTion for mAximizing the INtegration of renewABLE generation also includes such as partners the EFACEC, the University of Manchester (UK), the Technical University of Berlin (Germany), the Universidad Pontifícia Comillas – Madrid (Spain), the Technical University of Athens (Greece) and the Public Power Corporation (Greece).

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