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About the Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES)

The Centre for Power and Energy Systems (CPES) works in emerging areas that are essential for the electric sector: regulation and electricity markets, integration of dispersed renewable energy generation (such as wind power), technical and economical management of distribution systems, the use of GIS and other IT in regional energy planning and uncertainty and risk assessment.

Strategic Objectives

  • Consolidate current areas of scientific research and current contracts. Continue to work in the areas of traditional power systems and emerging domains related to DMS/EMS (Distribution Management Systems/Energy Management Systems) and smart grids.
  • Develop partnerships with Portuguese companies to intervene in niche markets where INESC TEC holds a reputation of excellence.
  • Increase international activity by participating in European Union R&TD projects and obtaining contracts in collaboration with local partners.
  • Enhance the training of human resources and increase scientific diversity through MSc and PhD courses, visits to foreign institutions and by attracting guest researchers and students with study grants from foreign institutions in countries such as Macao, Brazil and other Latin American countries.
  • Increase exposure of results through participation in international conferences and systematic publications in international journals.
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