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Lecture with Alan Arger at INESC TEC

North-American researcher Alan Arger came to INESC TEC on the 26th May to give a lecture entitled “Production frontiers and economic tradeoffs for ecological restoration of fire adapted forests in the western US”.

This presentation intended to discuss decision support tools for identifying investment priorities in the recovery of national forests in America, with the purpose of improving firefighting, benefitting the economy in rural areas and protecting the urban-forest interface.

Alan Arger is a researcher at the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory, a research laboratory of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service committed to the study of processes, dynamics, and management strategies of subjects such as fires, fuels and smokes. His work has focused mainly on fire risk management and analysis and on the creation of alternatives for the future of the forest, as well as on the development of optimization method to quantify the production frontiers and the commitments between ecosystems services that result from forest recovery programmes.

Photo credits: Ana Margarida Barros 

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