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Progress in Automation and Internal Logistics

Operations management, production scheduling, Balancing systems for production lines, Simulation and Telemaintenance

In partnership with logistics systems and Software House manufacturers, at the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) we develop innovative solutions for product transport, distribution and storage during the manufacturing process, for the footwear sector, the furniture sector and the metal working industry. 

At CESE we have participated in the design of the layout of these types of systems and in the development of software applications for the management of industrial operations, production scheduling, system balancing for production lines, simulation and telemaintenance.  With these production methods and innovative systems, at CESE we have actively contributed to improving productivity in industrial companies.

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  • DCB - Componentes e Calcado S.A. (Aerosoles)
  • Estofos Aquinos, Lda.
  • Frezite S.A.
  • Instituto di Tecnologie Industriali e Automazione (ITIA)
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