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Advanced Information systems

Analysis, specification, implementation, auditing and evaluating solutions for the integration of systems in companies and requirements engineering.

At the Centre for Enterprise Systems Engineering (CESE) we have a long history of experience in analysis, specification, auditing and evaluating information systems that can be applied in business environments. These systems include data acquisition and production control systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), production scheduling, internal logistics, quality management, maintenance management, CAD/CAM and e-business.  At CESE we have a wide range of research projects on subjects, such as distributed systems, integration of architectures and innovative integration applications and platforms.

At CESE we also have a long history in requirements engineering, a process that encompasses activities that contribute to the production of a requirements document and its maintenance over time.

  • FREZITE Ferramentas de Corte, S.A.
  • J. Gomes S.A.
  • Kyaia
  • SONAFI – Sociedade Nacional de Fundição Injectada, S.A.


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