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About the Centre of Biomedical Engineering Research (C-BER)


The mission of the Centre for Biomedical Engineering Research (C-BER) is to promote knowledge through applied research, advanced training and innovation in Biomedical Engineering mainly in the following three areas: BioInstrumentation, Biomedical Imaging and NeuroEngineering.


  • Create interdisciplinary knowledge enabling the innovation and tech. transfer with economic impact;
  • Develop technological products, tools and methods for the prevention and early detection of different types of diseases, aging related impairments, or for human rehabilitation,  physiotherapy or functional assessment;
  • Contribute to the development of advanced neuro-technologies at the frontier of engineering and neurology;
  • Promote strategic partnerships with: a) other centres of INESC TEC; b) clinical partners, from the main hospitals in the region; c) research institutes, particularly INEB and I3S; d) international cooperation.


BRAIN (Biomedical Research And INnovation) R&D group,  led by João Paulo Cunha, PhD, is part of C-BER. 

This group works on two R&D transversal areas:  

  • NeuroEngineering
  • Mobile and Wearable technologies towards human sensing. 


C-BER +351 22 209 4000